Yawning Gap Credit: Andrea Bauer

Challenged with Tartar sauce by Scofflaw’s Uby Khawaja, “I was going to go the fish route,” says Annemarie Sagoi, a bartender at Big Star and the Charleston. Instead she went for “a tangy, herby flavor profile” akin to tartar sauce itself, using the savory spirit aquavit as a base and “a lot of lemon” to recall fish-and-chips; sea salt and a vinegar-based celery shrub round out her tribute. “Yawning Gap,” the cocktail’s name, is a translation of Ginnungagap, the primordial void or “chaotic chasm” from which, according to Norse mythology, the universe was born. The recipe features “chaotic ingredients combined to make some magic,” Sagoi explains.

Yawning Gap

1 1/2 oz Linie Aquavit
3/4 oz lemon juice
1/2 oz Benedictine
1/2 oz tartar sauce
1/2 oz honey-tarragon simple syrup
5 drops Bittermens Orchard Street Celery Shrub
Egg white
3 drops Bittercube Bolivar Bitters
Dash of sea salt
Sprig of dill and slice of lemon, for garnish

Combine ingredients, then “dry shake until your arms hurt.” Add ice and shake again, strain into a coupe, and twist a lemon peel over the top to extract the oil “for nose.” Top with a dash of sea salt, and garnish with lemon and dill.

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