The No. 3 Salaryman
The No. 3 Salaryman Credit: Andrea Bauer

After Daniel de Oliveira tasked Perennial Virant’s Matty Eggleston with wasabi, Eggleston’s first challenge was to get his hands on some of the fresh stuff, which is hard to find even at Asian superstores like H Mart. Through Rodrick Markus of Rare Tea Cellar he located some grown in Michigan. He used the leaves of the root as holders for the ice bowl he made to serve the drink in.

The No. 3 Salaryman

1 oz Johnnie Walker Red

.25 oz dry Dolin Vermouth de Chambéry

.25 oz Leopold Bros. Michigan Tart Cherry Liqueur

.25 oz Lustau Oloroso sherry

.5 oz (by weight) fresh grated wasabi

ice bowl*

wasabi leaves

rose incense

Place wasabi in the bottom of a mixing glass. Add vermouth, cherry liqueur, sherry, and scotch. Add ice and stir well. Double strain into a tumbler, then pour into the ice bowl and serve, burning some rose incense as an aromatic garnish.

*Fill a small bowl with water, cover with plastic wrap, set a smaller bowl on top, and freeze. Use an ice pick to increase the container as needed.

Who’s Next:

Eggleston has challenged Stephen Cole of the Violet Hour with cream of tartar.

—Kate Schmidt