Brendan Smith's Senape Dolce
Brendan Smith's Senape Dolce Credit: Andrea Bauer

“I hate yellow mustard,” Spiaggia bartender Brendan Smith protested after the Palm’s Mike Freeman challenged him with the condiment. But thrown a curve, Smith went with it, devising a take on an old-school Brandy Alexander. His twist combines cognac with a honey-mustard gelato he made by adding French’s mustard to a base of sugar, water, eggs, cream, and a bit of Miele Thun acacia honey. The name means “dessert mustard” in Italian.

Who’s Next

Smith has challenged Karl Fernandez of Old Town Pour House with Parmigiano Reggiano. “Why not a yummy cheese cocktail?” he asks.

(Recipe below slideshow.)

Senape Dolce

1 oz A.E. Dor Napoleon cognac

1/2 oz Amaro Averna

1 scoop honey-mustard gelato

Acacia honey and crushed honey-mustard pretzels for garnish

Put ingredients into a blender and blend until creamy. Pour the cocktail into a martini glass rimmed with acacia honey and crushed honey-mustard pretzels.

“I believe in simplicity,” Smith says. “It seems to work.”