Scofflaw's Danny Shapiro took on the butt-reminiscent durian to create a poopsicle. Credit: Andrea Bauer

Challenged by Longman & Eagle bartender Derek Alexander with the foul-smelling durian, Danny Shapiro of the newly opened gin joint Scofflaw decided to match the Asian fruit’s stench with an equally offensive presentation. “A durian is notorious for smelling like butts and I am notorious for being really mature. So crafting a poopsicle (a popsicle resembling poop) seemed like a perfectly logical move,” he wrote in an e-mail. As for the name of the cocktail, “shashinga is a slang term coined by my friend Winslow ‘Rocket’ Davis which means ‘in your face.'” (Recipe below slideshow.)


1 bar spoon durian puree*

¾ oz Plymouth Sloe Gin

¾ oz Smith & Cross Rum

¾ oz Amaro Ciociaro

¾ oz lime

Shake all ingredients with ice and strain into popsicle molds, then place in freezer.

*Durian puree

100 grams durian meat

50 grams simple syrup (1:1 sugar to water)

50 grams honey syrup (1:1 honey to water)

Break open the durian, scoop out 100 grams of durian meat, and puree it with the simple syrup and honey syrup.

Who’s Next:

Shapiro has challenged Erin Hayes at Perennial Virant with fish sauce, the Asian condiment derived from fermented fish.