Don't Stop the Presses Credit: Haymarket Beer Co.

What are you drinking to this week?

Last week I raised a glass to the final sulfurous queef of a forever-deflating radio gasbag.

I’ve toasted the mountain of alley sludge I’ve heaved to the sides so I could escape my own little Overlook Hotel in Albany Park.

And for whatever it was worth, I offered cheers to our comrades at the Tribune, now officially under the ghastly batwings of the ink-sucking succubi of Alden Global Capital. (We’ve tangled with a hedge fund before at the Reader. We feel you.)

I’ve done all of this bittersweet imbibing with cans of Don’t Stop the Presses, a bittersweet lager brewed by Haymarket Beer Co.

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Don’t Stop the Presses rolls off the line.

Back in December, Haymarket director of operations Mike Gemma approached the Reader, Block Club, and the Daily Line with a dry-hopped lager in support of local independent journalism.

Brewed with Zuper Saazer hops, it’s a cross between a Dortmunder and a Pilsner, according to Gemma. Indeed, it has a pleasant nip of bitterness beneath its rounded, malty sweetness (just like this reporter). You can order six-packs for delivery or buy directly from the brewpub (which just reopened for indoor dining), and all proceeds will benefit the crucial public service that we, Block Club, and the Daily Line provide.

It goes on sale Tuesday, but don’t sleep on it. There are only 400 cases available, and I’ve already drained a six-pack.

 A free and independent press! To all my friends!