Local Option
Local Option Credit: Philip Montoro

THE FOOD ISSUE: Ancient Methods, Modern Cuisine

Read about how Chicago breweries are reproducing long-forgotten beer styles.

Local Option
1102 W. Webster

Many of the beers that Local Option contract brews (and serves) are older styles, including a barrel-aged version of Kentucky Common (brewed in Louisville before Prohibition); Dampf Loc, a dampbier (originally brewed by medieval peasants in Bavaria); and Schmetterling Gose (gose is a saline sour beer).

Maria’s Packaged Goods & Community Bar
960 W. 31st

This bar is run by the people behind Marz Brewing, so naturally Smoke Wheat Every Day is on tap, along with several other Marz beers.

Farmhouse Evanston
703 Church, Evanston

The New Belgium/Three Floyds collaboration gratzer beer is on tap here, along with the Local Option Kentucky Common and Off Color‘s Apex Predator saison.

The Publican
837 W. Fulton

Not only is Scurry available on nitro ( Off Color Brewing cofounder John Laffler‘s favorite way to drink the beer), but the beer list is full of Trappist ales and Belgian craft beers. Lambic, cider, and perry also make a strong showing.