Elizabeth Credit: Andrea Bauer

THE FOOD ISSUE: Ancient Methods, Modern Cuisine

Read about Café des Architectes chef Greg Biggers’s in-house charcuterie and cheese-making programs.

Perennial Virant
1840 N. Lincoln

Paul Virant popularized preservation among Chicago chefs (and wrote the cookbook on it, 2012’s Preservation Kitchen). The basement kitchen at his Lincoln Park restaurant is lined with shelves of jams and pickled vegetables.

Big Jones
5347 N. Clark

Chef and southern food scholar Paul Fehribach puts out dozens and dozens of jars of traditional jams and pickled vegetables, mainly seen on his charcuterie plates. He also could write the book on preservation, too—and is, with a publication date next year.

4835 N. Western

Iliana Regan‘s forages for wild ingredients and preserves them in ways that accentuate their flavors in other dishes, from Queen Anne’s lace jelly to dill-pickled chanterelles and fermented crab apples.

Southport Grocery & Cafe
3552 N. Southport

This breakfast-and-lunch cafe actually has a staff member with the title “preservationist”—Melanie Molnar, who trained at Blackberry Farm in Tennessee and makes in-house jams, pickled green tomatoes, mustards, and more.