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The Cove Lounge Lit with a marvelous vintage marquee that reads cocktail lounge, the kitschy, nautically themed Cove is just a few blocks from Promontory Point. Pitchers of Heineken go for just $10, but the real star is Karlovacko’s Croatian Beer, a light, sweet ale with an aftertaste reminiscent of apples; a 20-ounce bottle is just $4.50. No real food, but for a limited time customers can buy a bag of Hoochie Mama’s homemade beef jerky for $5. The crowd’s a mix of older locals and university types. On TV is the game or Wheel of Fortune. There’s an ATM, but they do take credit cards.  10 AM-2 AM Sun-Thu, 11 AM-2 AM Fri, 11 AM-3 AM Sat, 1750 E. 55th, 773-684-1013. —Jajah Wu

The Falcon Inn A Hyde Park gem, with decor circa 1975, the Falcon is frequented mostly by friendly locals. The six beers on tap (Millers, Buds, PBR, and Amber Bock) are priced around $1.50 per pint, and the bartenders make sure you get a frosty mug. The jukebox blasts an unpredictable mix of Motown, rap, and jazz. Cholie’s Pizza next door has a side window for food orders. Two bucks will get you a large plate of fries or a very large slice of pizza—the cook rings a bell when the grub’s up. 10 AM-2 AM Mon-Fri, 11 AM-3 AM Sat, noon-2 AM Sun, 1601 E. 53rd, no phone. —JW

Jimmy’s Woodlawn Tap Quintessentially Hyde Park, and frequented by an eclectic mix of locals, students, game watchers, and professors, Jimmy’s is a dive bar with a dim, cavernous interior and a quirky soul. The beer selection’s good and cheap, with Leinenkugel and Fat Tire on tap for a little more than $10 a pitcher. The bartenders are brisk and businesslike and make their martinis strong. The burgers and brats are decent, but God in heaven are the fries perfect. Live bands on Sundays with no cover (see also Music). Cash only, ATM inside. 10:30 AM-2 AM Mon-Fri, 11 AM-3 AM Sat, 11 AM-2 AM Sun, 1172 E. 55th, 773-643-5516. —JW

Noon Hookah Lounge Not a bar per se, though you can BYOB, this hookah lounge offers a tea menu and premium hand-rolled cigars in addition to more than 50 flavors of tobacco; a small retail area is stocked with everything you need for shisha. There’s pillow seating, private rooms, free Wi-Fi, and games—chess, checkers, backgammon—but no food. 5 PM-midnight Mon-Fri, 5 PM- 2 AM Fri-Sat, 1617 E. 55th, 773-643-1670, noonhookahlounge.com.

The University of Chicago Pub Tucked into the basement of the U. of C.’s Ida Noyes Hall, the Pub is semiprivate, with a $10 annual membership for those affiliated with the university and $3 cover for nonmembers or members’ guests. There are more than 100 varieties of beer to choose from, including regional brews like Three Floyds and Bell’s. The university crowd can sometimes be overwhelming if you’re not part of it, but the pool tables and the shuffleboard—slightly warped for increased difficulty—are free. Tuesday is trivia night; wings are 20 cents each on Wednesday. 4 PM-midnight Mon-Thu, 4 PM-1 AM Fri-Sat, Ida Noyes Hall, 1212 E. 59th, 773-702-9737, studentactivities.uchicago.edu/services/pub.shtml. —JW