Jasmine Sheth wants you to know Mumbai isn’t all about samosas and chaat. OK, there will be samosas and chaat (kind of) at the Kedzie Inn when Sheth brings her Tasting India pop up to week three of Monday Night Foodball, but if you’ve followed her biweekly thali series over the past 16 months you know her deep dives into regional Indian cuisine never traffic in the obvious.

Monday she’s revisiting the City of Dreams. “For sure I was thinking of representing the larger spectrum of dishes available in Mumbai’s different communities,” she told me. That means vegetable Hakka noodles from the city’s centuries-old Chinese community, and mutton samosas with date and tamarind chutney from its Muslim Bohri community. There’ll also be a vada pav grilled cheese, a mashup of two classic street food sandwiches; and bar snacks like a toasty mango-topped pappadum, and a crunchy, nutty snack mix that hits every pleasure point on the palate. For dessert she’s steaming up a saffron-kissed Masala chai bread pudding, and at the bar Jon Pokorny’s pouring mango-cardamom lassis and Taj Mahal lager. Sheth will also have her packaged masalas, and chai and coffee blends available for purchase.

I can’t describe these dishes any more fetchingly than her full menu descriptions below. While walk-ins are welcome, preorders are highly recommended. It starts at 5 PM this Monday. Seating is available in the bar and on the shady patio.

The Kedzie Inn
4100 N. Kedzie

Foodball Goes to Mumbai

Mango Masala Pappadum (v/VG/gf) $4

This has got to be my all-time favorite bar snack! And we’re taking advantage of the last of the summer mangoes to make this lip smacking snack. Crispy roasted pappadum is topped with a mango pico de gallo and sprinkled with mango and tamarind powder.

Mumbai Chakna (v/*contains nuts) $4

Chakna is a bar snack that encompasses sweet, spicy, sour and umami. It’s a mix of crunchy bits and nuts that your hand goes to again and again while sipping on delicious cocktails, beer, or wine. We make our Chakna mix in-house and it consists of roasted cashews, crispy curry leaves, crunchy noodles, and a whole lot more! Ohh…my mouth is watering in anticipation!

Mumbai Vada Pav Grilled Cheese (v) $12

A marriage of two iconic Mumbai dishes—the vada pav and the grilled veg sandwich. Vada pav is spiced fried potato croquette sandwiched between a dinner roll. You’ve failed if you didn’t eat this on your trip to Mumbai! We’re recreating these classic favorites into a vada pav grilled cheese! Soft white bread layered with Amul butter, fresh cilantro chutney, spiced potato mash, Amul Cheese, thinly sliced beets, sweet onions and homemade chaat masala seasoning. The sandwich is grilled to a perfectly brown crust, showered with cilantro mint chutney, hot and sweet tomato ketchup and crispy potato noodles. I guarantee you won’t want to share 🙂

Bohri Ghee Smoked Kheema Samosas (two pieces), $7

Ghee smoked mutton kheema wrapped into a crisp savory samosa shell, served with a date and tamarind chutney. The Bohris are a small sub-sect of the Shia Muslim community that are believed to have originated in Yemen, and made their way to India via the Middle East, a migration that reflects in their unique culinary traditions—a confluence of Gujarati, Arabic and Middle Eastern cooking styles and flavors. Today, they make up an integral part of the cultural and culinary scene in Mumbai. No trip to Mumbai is complete without experiencing Bohri cuisine. Every Bohri meal starts with a kharaas (a salty snack) and these ghee-smoked mutton samosas are a quintessential Bohri staple!

Indo Chinese Cult Favorite: Vegetable Hakka Noodles (v/VG), $12

The brainchild of the Hakka Chinese community who settled in Kolkata, India nearly 250 years ago—Indian-Chinese cuisine today is almost a religion on its own. A late night stroll through the bustling streets of Mumbai, will inevitably lead you to an Indo-Chinese meal. It’s the perfect food to accompany an evening of drinks—crispy vegetable fritters stir fried in a savory soy and chili sauce, perfectly greasy and chewy noodles filled with fresh vegetables and chili-garlic sauce variations that boggle the mind!

Mumbai Masala Chai Bread Pudding (v), $6

No night out on the town in Mumbai, ends without a cup of steaming hot Masala Chai. I know it sounds odd, but a midnight cup of Masala Chai makes the perfect nightcap. We’re bringing the nightcap to you in the form of a thick slice of creamy custard soaked Bread Pudding, served with a Saffron and Chai Spice Tres Leches sauce and toasted Coconut Crumble. How can anyone say no to this!!?