Chả Cá Nuggs copi nuggs Credit: Greg Rothstein

Everyone knows that the popularity of the McDonald’s McNugget led to the eradication of the passenger pigeon, the Bering cackling goose, and the Spix’s macaw.

That’s ancient history, man.

But, as I wrote last week, there’s a far less tragic outcome in store for the invasive fish formerly known as the Asian carp, aka the copi. You can do your part in the war against this aquatic scourge this October 10, when Jaren Zacher and his Chả Cá Nuggs take over the kitchen at the Kedzie Inn, for Monday Night Foodball, the Reader’s weekly chef pop-up.

Zacher’s bringing in his arsenal of copi nuggets and po’boys and their attendant sauces for a night of environmental vengeance on behalf of native Illinois river dwellers. You can hunch over a five-, 10-, or 20-piece pile of Zacher’s tempura-battered copi nuggs—with your choice of sweet and sour sauce, miso BBQ, lime-cilantro crema, remoulade, or honey mustard—with the righteousness of a fierce eco-warrior.

Or plow through one of Zacher’s po’boys; the McRib riff, the banh mi, or the classic NoLa-style “oyster” po’boy; fries and slaw on the side; washed down with Jon Pokorny’s Riverwater cocktail.  

The choice is yours. Just preorder now. Or walk in and order on the spot this Monday, October 10, at 4100 N. Kedzie, and take your chances that some bigger, stronger predator hasn’t already eaten them all into extinction.

Meanwhile, behold the full Foodball schedule: