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2022 Food & Drink poll winners

The people, places, and things voted Chicago’s best—and runners-up: socially distanced dining, outdoor dining, beer garden, food relief effort, local grocer, gourmet market, cheesemonger, butcher shop, meal kits, online cooking instruction, local food product, preserves, farmers market, local farmer, urban farm, home garden supply, Caribbean restaurant, Chinese restaurant, Chinese takeout or delivery, Greek restaurant, Indian restaurant, Italian beef sandwich, Italian restaurant, Korean restaurant, Mexican restaurant, Middle Eastern restaurant, Polish restaurant, Thai restaurant, Vietnamese restaurant, soul food restaurant, seafood restaurant, vegetarian restaurant, vegan restaurant, steak house, fried chicken shack, pizza, pizza by the slice, pizza delivery, gluten-free pizza, sandwich, banh mi, burger, quesabirria or birria de res tacos, taqueria, barbecue, hot dog, falafel, pierogi, soup, ramen, sushi, food truck, new pop-up, pandemic pivot from a restaurant, overall restaurant, place worth a wait, bang for your buck, restaurant group, chef, up-and-coming chef, cannabis chef, new food trend, bread, sourdough, bagels, doughnuts, bakery, desserts, paleteria, ice cream, coffee roaster, barista, local spirit, local distillery, cocktail, carryout or delivery cocktails, liquor store, local beer, local brewery, beer shop, wine bar, wine list, wine shop, and more

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2022 Cannabis poll winners

The people, places, and things voted Chicago’s best—and runners-up: “adult use” dispensary, “adult use” (rec) budtender, medical cannabis dispensary, medical budtender or patient care rep, clinic to get certified for a medical card, infused chocolate, infused gummies, infused beverage (drink, drop, syrup, tea), consumable, other (mint, tablet, snack food, etc.), product for increased libido, strain or consumable product for pain relief (include producer), strain or product for relief of anxiety (include producer), strain or product for sleep (include producer), topical, vape concentrate (strain & brand/producer), non-vape concentrate (strain & brand/producer), cannabis accessory selection in a dispensary, cannabis accessory boutique (non-dispensary), cannabis supper club, home chef, or caterer, local CBD source (local non-dispensary shop or brand), pet CBD product, cannabis advocacy or restorative justice organization, grow support resource, home grow supply shop, and more

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The breeze is warm, the summer is long, and the patio is (almost) open for the new season of Monday Night Foodball

I have good news, bad news, and splendid news. Bad news: through no fault of her own Alisha Norris Jones, aka Immortal Milk, has pulled out of the next (April 3) Monday Night Foodball, the Reader’s weekly chef pop-up at Ludlow Liquors in Avondale. Good: Jones has rescheduled for a Monday in late summer and […]

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Better Boy reveals an easygoing, fine-dining future at the next Monday Night Foodball

Better Boy works hard. Better Boy thrives anywhere it grows. Better Boy is meaty and juicy. Better Boy explodes with flavor. No, I’m not talking about Solanum lycopersicum, everybody’s favorite brawny, bloodred, beefsteak tomato. I’m talking about Adam McFarland and Tom Rogers, the chef duo that grew out of a fertile landscape of esteemed fine-dining […]

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Meat Moot smokes low and slow, and its cleaver-flipping ‘butchers’ steal the show

Fedora’d men in butchers aprons hoist hunks of wobbling flesh aloft like sacrificial offerings. Stationed before a bank of smokers—meat vaults loaded with parchment-and-tinfoil-swaddled briskets, beef ribs, and lamb shoulders—they slowly tug glistening bones from steaming muscle, smiling as it collapses. The meat smacks against wooden cutting boards, quivering under downpours of salt and spice […]

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It’s all Indigenous (except for the fry bread) with Ketapanen Kitchen at the next Monday Night Foodball

There are more than 34,000 Native Americans living in Chicago according to the 2020 census—and that’s probably an undercount. So who’s cooking at all the weddings, funerals, feasts, ceremonies, and powwows? That would be Jessica Walks First, the omnipresent chef behind Ketapanen Kitchen. Walks First was born on the Menominee Indian Reservation in northeastern Wisconsin, […]