Brisket liquor Credit: Mike Sula

The other day I was the beneficiary of a bucket of savory corned beef stock left over from a (quiet) neighborhood restaurant’s St. Patrick’s Day special. I strained it, skimmed the fat, reduced it to a super salty but pretty tasty concentrate, and squirreled it away in the freezer to serve as future soup or sauce base. Nitrates be damned, it’s gonna good.*

Meanwhile, the number of Chicago restaurants offering carryout and delivery on the Dining at a Distance website has jumped to nearly 1,400 since I wrote about it Monday, and the platform has extended to cities around the country and Berlin, Germany. That’s a good chunk of the 7,000-some restaurants in Chicago. I’m sure there are plenty more too, but the sad fact is that too many are going dark for who knows how long. What does that mean for all that food stockpiled in walk-ins with no cooks to cook it, no servers to serve it, no customers to eat it?

Here’s a solution:

Rogers Park Food Not Bombs is reaching out to Chicago area restaurants in the hope of diverting any of your impending food waste away from the trash and into the hands of folks who need it. We know this is a difficult time. We hope the knowledge that food is going to those who need it helps you worry about one less thing. 

And they’ve provided a handy form to process donations via their Facebook page. v

*Don’t donate your leftover corned beef stock.