Jason Hammel Credit: Tom Cruze

Opened 9/8

Wouldn’t it be a rich reward to cook at the Museum of Contemporary Art? That’s what’s happening to chef Jason Hammel, who’s been rewarding his guests at Logan Square pioneer Lula Cafe since 1999. The new space will be designed by Chris Ofili, an artist best known for painting with elephant poo; whatever he does to it, Marisol will be an intellectually exercising place to eat. Hammel’s food will “incorporate vibrant vegetables and handmade pastas, alongside meticulously sourced meat and seafood,” according to an anonymous source on the restaurant’s landing page.

205 E. Chicago, 312-799-3599


Mark Steuer was kicking ass when he was cooking southern food at Carriage House. He was kicking ass when he was cooking Argentine cuisine at El Che Bar. He was probably kicking ass when he was in diapers. There’s a good chance Mark Steuer will kick ass when he starts cooking German dishes at this “Bavarian beer hall.” There’s some French action going down too, because, well, Germany and France are friends (for now).

1709 W. Chicago

Mark Steuer
Mark SteuerCredit: Public domain


Folks will need to rely on their wits when they google this project and see that the first result is a Ticketmaster link to buy basketball tickets. (Go Sky!) Here’s a hint: go to the Reader Restaurant Finder page about a month after this Pilsen restaurant opens, and I’ll let you know how well Stephen Gillanders—the former executive chef at Lettuce Entertain You’s erstwhile but always intriguing Intro—pulls off the gorgeous-looking plates he’s been posting on Instagram.1239 W. 18th

Late fall

Who is Mr. Bellemore? A dashing cad with a dark secret? A jolly butler who sneaks a nip of sherry now and then? A stone-faced banker with a secret heart of gold? Perhaps you’ll find out when this curious concept from the Boka Restaurant Group opens in the West Loop. Named for a “mysterious figure,” the restaurant has a menu that traffics in the equally mysterious “New American Classic” cuisine. I’m not too worried about just what that means, because Jimmy Papadopoulos, formerly of Bohemian House, will be calling the shots in the kitchen, and whatever “fish, meat, vegetables and grains” he’ll be serving will surely be interesting.

564 W. Randolph

Erling Wu-Bower
Erling Wu-BowerCredit: Derek Richmond

Pacific Standard Time
Late fall

Wish you could eat in sunny southern California? Venture there for a few hours when a “new partnership” blossoms between One Off Hospitality and two of its veterans, Cosmo Goss and Erling Wu-Bower, of the Publican and Nico Osteria, respectively. The paper of record (i.e. its press release) goes on to describe a “tiny, pastoral farm off the Santa Barbara coast” that will be housed in the former Tavernita.

151 W. Erie

Peter Toalson, Robert McAdams, Cody Hudson (seated), and Jon Martin of Lonesome Rose
Peter Toalson, Robert McAdams, Cody Hudson (seated), and Jon Martin of Lonesome RoseCredit: Clayton Hauck

Lonesome Rose
“Safe to say fall”

Make a run for the “borderlands” when the frequently buttoned-up Land and Sea Dept. (Longman & Eagle, Parsons, etc) takes a shot at Tex-Mex, or rather “the food inspired by the rich cultural histories of the regional states of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States.” That’s according to an online job listing posted for a line cook, sous chef, and floor manager. It’ll be in the former home of Logan Square’s late, lamented Ronny’s.

2101 N. California  v