It never hurts to know how to make your own alcohol in a pinch. Credit: Damian Potenzone

I’m trying to make friends with microbes in the End Times. What am I gonna do when the shit comes down and I don’t know how to do make cheese, cider, kimchi, beer, yogurt, and bread? I’ll be prepping during a two-weekend crash course in zymology at Fermentation Fest—A Live Culture Convergence, which features more than 50 classes on the care, feeding, and eating of fermented foods. Learn how to make colonche, nawait, and pulque with agricultural ecologist Gary Paul Nabhan during a class on American Pre-Columbian Fermented Beverages. Sit down to a seven-course wild-foods dinner with herbalist and forager Linda Conroy. Learn to care for and feed your own bubbling starter at the class Rustic Breads and Sourdough with baker Shawn Rediske. Presented by the not-for-profit Wormfarm Institute, whose mission is “to integrate culture and agriculture,” Fermentation Fest takes takes place at various locations in downtown Reedsburg, Wisconsin, just northwest of Madison, and includes a meandering 50-mile self-guided tour of Sauk County farmland, dotted with art exhibits, performances, and artist-designed roadside stands selling fresh and fermented foods. October 5-14. Reedsburg Area Chamber of Commerce, 240 Railroad St., Reedsburg, Wisconsin. Classes are $5-$120, but they sell out fast. Register in advance.   v