• The Reader’s guide to World Music Festival Chicago 2022

    The term “world music” has never been adequate to the task we’ve set it—even in its most benign reading, it implies a division between the listener and the rest of […]

  • Fire-Toolz sails even further off the map with a genre-obliterating new EP

    Gossip Wolf has long believed that physical releases from Fire-Toolz, the wonderfully disorienting flagship project of local electronic musician Angel Marcloid, will one day be swapped among fans and sought […]

  • Tar play their first show in five years to celebrate Smashed Plastic

    Chicago posthardcore four-piece Tar broke up in 1995, and the number of times they’ve reunited for a show since then you can count on one hand—this gig will be the […]

  • Fran drops an elegant new single about loneliness and estrangement

    The Reader has praised Maria Jacobson, leader of local indie-rock project Fran, for her “taut, serene singing” and for her well-written songs, which are “sharpened by a pristine elegance even […]

  • Tink finds her sweet spot again with Pillow Talk

    Singer, rapper, and songwriter Tink broke out of Chicago’s hip-hop scene about a decade ago, becoming one of the constellation of new stars lighting up the city. Like many local […]

  • Stranded Civilians have made one of the best Chicago hip-hop releases of 2022

    Chicago rappers Tony Santana and Aubry know that all the talent in the world can’t make a hip-hop duo work if the MCs don’t click. As Stranded Civilians, Aubry and […]

  • Reading house’s history from its used records

    Chicagoans don’t need an excuse to talk about house music, but when the biggest pop star in the world drops a record indebted to house, you can expect more than […]

  • Annie Fish simulates her dream of 90s alt-rock stardom

    On Friday, September 16, Chicago singer, songwriter, and cartoonist Annie Fish will drop Weird Like Me, an album so steeped in classic alt-rock you’ll half believe Fish recorded it with […]

  • Reunited dance group Ten City help make the Chicago House Music Festival a don’t-miss event

    Ten City’s fifth album, 2021’s Judgement (Ultra), was a long time in the making—and not just because the crucial Chicago house group’s previous album, That Was Then, This Is Now, […]

  • Chicago-based sound artist Dorothy Carlos refreshes drone textures on Circuit Spectre

    Cellist and sound artist Dorothy Carlos moved to Chicago last year to begin an MFA in sound at the School of the Art Institute, but she’s got a foot planted […]