• Local folk act DPCD releases a ruminative, intimate new album

    In October 2019, Gossip Wolf praised local folk project DPCD for crafting immaculate, autumnal songs “as potently specific as the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot.” It thus seems seasonally appropriate that DPCD will self-release its new album, It’s Hard for a Rich Man to Enter the Kingdom of God, on Friday, October 1, and that […]

  • Sound artist and onetime Chicagoan Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe adds new layers to the Candyman story

    Folklore can be the ultimate game of telephone. As a historical form of collective communication, it brings communities together while expressing what makes them unique, and the content of its stories changes as newer generations tell them from their own perspectives. Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe’s score for Nia DaCosta’s new film, Candyman, exemplifies how distortion—whether […]

  • Chicago musical wonder Macie Stewart takes command of her path on Mouth Full of Glass

    Macie Stewart has her hands in so many different musical projects it’s a wonder she finds the time to sleep. She coleads enchanting art-rock band Ohmme, of course, which she cofounded with Sima Cunningham in 2014, but aside from her best-known gig, Stewart plays violin in a duo with cellist Lia Kohl, makes up one-third […]

  • Lykanthea’s Dawn Birds welcome the autumnal equinox with song

    Update: Due to a stormy forecast for Tuesday morning, the performance of Lykanthea’s Dawn Birds has been rescheduled for Wednesday, September 22, at 6:30 AM. Lakshmi Ramgopal, who makes music as Lykanthea, moved to the east coast in 2016 (she’s an assistant professor of history at Columbia University in New York), but she still considers Chicago […]

  • Half Gringa drops a new single and plays a pandemic-delayed album-release show

    Gossip Wolf has been following the work of local singer-songwriter Isabel “Izzy” Olive, aka Half Gringa, since she was still calling her project Tin Silos in the mid-2010s. Since adopting the Half Gringa name, Olive has been on an incredible hot streak: her 2017 debut, Gruñona, earned a spot in the Reader’s sprawling list of […]

  • On their debut album, Central Heat Exchange envision a new indie-rock utopia

    Throughout the pandemic I’ve noticed an uptick in long-distance musical collaborations, and the new self-titled debut from dyed-in-the-wool indie rockers Central Heat Exchange (Sunroom/Citrus City/Birthday Cake) is among the best. Chicago provides an anchor for the four-piece group, since more of the members live here than anywhere else: brothers Jake and Paul Stolz of local […]

  • A song for our second pandemic Rosh Hashanah

    Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, begins this evening, and for the second year in a row I have to figure out plans that stay within my pandemic comfort zone. That means forgoing anything resembling a large celebratory dinner full of friends, their relatives, and strangers whose vaccination status is unknown to me. As I […]

  • Pioneering footwork producer RP Boo bares his soul on Established!

    Footwork music’s whimsical, tempestuous take on house wouldn’t exist without Chicago producer Kavain Space, better known as RP Boo. In the mid-90s, he drew from his experience DJing for House-O-Matics dancers to devise skittish, hyperactive tracks that proved too puzzling for Dance Mania, a staple label of the scene that provided a home for the […]

  • Bandcamp Friday can help you say goodbye to summer

    Bandcamp’s daylong inducement to music-shopping sprees, rebooted yet again last month, returns for its latest iteration on September 3. On the first Friday of the month for the rest of the year, the online music store will pass along its usual cut of sales to independent musicians and labels—a practice it began almost a year […]

  • Blue Lick debut with an oblique and deadpan combo of modular synth and spoken word

    Multi-instrumentalists Havadine Stone and Ben Baker Billington have played a handful of compelling local shows as the duo Blue Lick since 2017, but they haven’t released any recordings yet—probably because they both keep themselves busy. Stone has dropped solo cassettes on Reserve Matinee and American Dreams Records over the past few years, and Billington (who […]