2 Chainz Credit: Christopher Polk

Atlanta rapper Tauheed Epps, better known as 2 Chainz, has built a career out of recording self-­aggrandizing verses even more outsize than his six-foot, five-inch frame. He litters June’s Pretty Girls Like Trap Music (Def Jam) with rich raps; on the lilting “Rolls Royce Bitch,” Epps explains that his life of luxury is at a different level than most of us can can grasp by telling us about his car’s unusual features (“My doors go that way”). But the MC, who once went by Tity Boi, also understands the value of growth, and throughout the album he reflects on the path he took to the present with a mix of anguish, heartache, euphoria, and a sense of responsibility. On “4 AM” he stitches together an outline of his life, but rather than laying it out chronologically, he presents memories as each moment sparks something within him. His relaxed rapping allows him to describe a mess of hard-to-pin-down emotions in subtle vocal shifts as he recalls, within the space of two breaths, the birth of his first daughter and the fortune he made selling drugs. Epps pulls it off with an assured cool, proving that he contains multitudes—just like his bank account.   v