This week’s gig poster is for a livestream birthday celebration by legendary singer and record producer Michael McDonald, perhaps best known as a longtime Doobie Brother. To some, not even “legendary” is a strong enough word: as J. Niimi wrote for the Reader in 2006, “Beyond the physical resemblance, Michael McDonald is God.”

I’m not sure if any gods wear pointy party hats (perhaps Seshat comes close), but for a mortal, McDonald seems to be taking his 69th birthday in stride. The concert he’s playing for the occasion will feature songs from his solo career, a few of his favorites from the Doobie years, and some covers to celebrate both his birthday and Valentine’s Day. This is a solo show—McDonald is undoubtedly keeping social-distancing guidelines in mind, and perhaps also the theme of his 1986 hit with Patti LaBelle, “On My Own.”

The poster for McDonald’s show was designed by Jordan Fann, who works for Vector Management in Nashville, using a photograph by Scarlett McDonald (Michael’s daughter). And McDonald’s people have advised me that he’d like y’all to read about the good work that the people at Why Hunger are doing and consider donating to the programs they’ve developed to fight poverty and hunger worldwide.

The Reader continues to accept submissions of made-up posters for made-up gigs, made-up posters for shows that really happened, posters for livestreamed shows, and posters for concerts where the audience can attend in person (with safety guidelines in place).

To participate, please e-mail with your name, contact information, and original design or drawing. We won’t be able to publish everything we receive, but we’ll feature as many as possible. Your submission can also include a nonprofit, fundraiser, or action campaign that you’d like to bring to the attention of our readers.

Not everybody can make a gig poster, of course, but you can make a difference in the future of live music in Chicago by using the Reader‘s list of fundraisers for out-of-work or underemployed staffers at the city’s venues. And don’t forget record stores! We’ve also published a list of local stores that will let you shop remotely.

ARTISTS: Jordan Fann for Vector Management, with photo by Scarlett McDonald
GIG: Home Alone 2 Birthday Bash: A Party of One featuring Michael McDonald, Fri 2/12, 8 PM, livestream at, $20
NPO TO KNOW: Why Hunger