UPDATE: The David Boykin concert has been rescheduled until Saturday, July 10, 2021 at 7 PM.

Summer is finally here in Chicagoland, and this week’s gig poster was created for a concert series in Oak Park that lets its audience enjoy a suburban lawn. Side Yard Sounds is hosted by music and visual-arts venue Compound Yellow (a garage-like structure and side yard that share a residential lot with a house) and will present adventurous jazz, rock, and experimental music on most Friday nights through the end of July. Shows are ticketed, with distanced seating provided to minimize COVID risk.

Illustrator and musician Rich Klevgard (also from Oak Park) has made a series of gig posters to go with this series of concerts. This week’s is for an upcoming show by composer, saxophonist, and AACM member David Boykin, and you can see all of Klevgard’s posters for Side Yard Sounds at Compound Yellow’s website.

Boykin will adopt a performance persona he calls Dr. Belsidus, after the pan-African revolutionary who’s central to George Schuyler’s late-30s science fiction novel Black Empire. In this guise, Boykin uses turntables, drum machines, samplers, and synthesizers to create music informed by classic hip-hop production and 21st-century Chicago free jazz—and he does it at least somewhat in character as Belsidus.

Even though Chicago is feeling a little safer these days as more people get the COVID-19 vaccine, the city’s performance communities are still reeling from the loss of wages and tips during all those months we were staying at home. It’s not too late to do something to support the people who make nightlife happen: the Reader has compiled a list of fundraisers for out-of-work or underemployed venue staff. And you can help musicians, theater artists, and other creatives by contributing to funds that offer them direct support; the Reader lists some ideas here and here.

ARTIST: Rich Klevgard
GIG: Side Yard Sounds presents David Boykin as Dr. Belsidus, Sat 7/10, 7 PM, Compound Yellow, 244 Lake St., Oak Park, $15, all ages
ARTIST INFO: Rich Klevgard