Dam-Funk Credit: Rashid Akrim

Even hunched over a turntable in the cramped, overflowing record room of his LA abode, Dam-Funk is elegantly chill. During an hour-plus Boiler Room Collections DJ set he recorded in 2015, the Stones Throw-represented modern-funk musician and producer—less known as Damon Garrett Riddick—takes casual drags off cigs and plays smooth air-drum fills while spinning through a collection of deep-funk cuts and disco-infused early 80s “backwards-skating” jams. Occasionally he’ll ad lib some falsetto vocals over an instrumental or casually impart some liner-note details, but it’s a simple, casual trip during which you can almost feel the warm breeze tousling your hair. As much a champion of the $1 Shalamar bargain-bin purchase as a private-press rarity, Dam-Funk is a pro at touching the needle down to a deep groove, a skill he’s reworked into his own music, from his 2009 behemoth five-LP debut, Toeachizown, up to and through his current collabs and comps. Tonight is a straight DJ set in which Dam-Funk’s encyclopedic funk knowledge—and unpretentious mellow vibe—will no doubt be put to excellent use.   v