Five years ago, when Abraham Levitan was last playing shows, he looked like this. Credit: John Sturdy

Former Shame That Tune cohost, Nerds on Tour podcaster, and Baby Teeth front man Abraham Levitan just wrote Gossip Wolf to say he’s getting back onstage—it’s been five years since he played a full show. He admits he might be having a midlife crisis, and says he’s been writing “insanely specific” songs about fatherhood that could “yank the term ‘dad rock’ into a strange and awkward new dimension.” He’s also hoping to re-form Baby Teeth! On Wednesday, August 1, at the Hungry Brain, Levitan plays two sets of “mostly solo glam piano and vocal, some karaoke-style with backing tracks—I’ll essentially be live-auditioning new material for once and future bandmates.” For now, Levitan is performing as simply Abraham: “unadorned, biblical, and terrifying.” But this wolf doesn’t expect he’ll “sacrifice” quality by playing alone!

It’s hard to believe Neo closed three years ago this week—Chicago’s after-hours club scene hasn’t been the same without its haven for bat-dancing with fellow freaks. On Friday, July 27, Metro hosts a Neo reunion and homecoming, including appearances from former staff and DJs Carrie Monster, Scary Lady Sarah, Suzanne Shelton, Glenn Russell, and Jeff Moyer; also on the bill is a screening of Eric Richter’s feature-length documentary 2350 Last Call: The Neo Story.

After hibernating for years, experimental R&B duo The-Drum have reemerged. Member Brandon Boom hit Gossip Wolf’s inbox to deliver a new EP, Aura Bath, and an hour-long mix called The Transformation of Things. The palpitating footwork bass and harmonizing assortment of ghostly vocal samples on the EP’s title track prove The-Drum are as great as ever!

Last week Chicago rapper-producer Encyclopedia Brown and beat maker Diaz Millenia dropped Art Never Spoils (the material was written between 2006 and 2009), an album for fans of syllable-packed raps and lackadaisical boom-bap.  v

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