This English band, formed in 1977, plays raise-your-pint-glass pub punk in outfits straight out of A Clockwork Orange. But though the catchy, brilliantly boneheaded tunes are plenty aggressive, they’re much more likely to inspire a drunken sing-along than a bit of the old ultraviolence. By the early 80s the Adicts were so sick of the leather-jacket-and-Mohawk uniform that they switched to black bowlers and droogie white–except for their hyperactive singer, Monkey, who adopted scary Joker-style greasepaint and dressed like a refugee from a French circus. The gimmick certainly didn’t hurt–they scored a Peel session and earned a cult that’s still following ’em–but after a brief major-label fling in the mid-80s and the release of the full-length Twenty-Seven in 1993, it looked like the Adicts were out of commission. Then in 2002 they put out Rise and Shine, a 21-track opus whose liner notes claim that the band, by then “scattered around the world,” came together and wrote the album on the fly in the studio. I believe it–the songs burst with energy, and the arrangements feel whimsical and off-the-cuff. That disc was just a cobweb clearer, though: last year’s Rollercoaster (SOS Records) adds a second guitar, piano, synth, and violin to some of the hookiest Adicts tunes ever. Four original members–plus a couple new ones–are on board for this show, and given their eerie Peter Pan-like vitality it’d take an act of outright sabotage for it to suck. Shot Baker, Flatfoot 56, the Street Brats, the Gravetones, and Roundeye open. Tue 7/5, 5:30 PM, Logan Square Auditorium, 2539 N. Kedzie, 888-690-9875 or, $18 in advance, $22 at the door. All ages.