Torche Credit: Dan Almasy

Miami band Torche have always been like heavy metal’s cotton candy, and their recent fifth album, July’s Admission (Relapse), is their most delicious yet. Since rising from the ashes of stoner-rock group Floor in 2004, Torche have specialized in what they call “thunder pop”—a hard-hitting, wall-of-sound brand of sludgy doom metal that’s topped off with swing-for-the-cheap seats melodic hooks. It’s an infectious formula, and when they covered three classic Guided by Voices tunes on a 2011 split with Part Chimp, they further illustrated their knack for transplanting undeniable pop hooks into the context of a heavy metal song. Admission is the band’s best work, and puts all their best elements on display: bombastic tones, repetitive cave-man riffage, pummeling rhythms, and the legendary Torche “bomb string,” downtuned so far it practically hangs off the guitar in order to create a deep, crumbly, explosively heavy sound. Every song is smooth, catchy, and perfectly crafted, and the album is easily the one I’ve listened to more than any other this year. Live, Torche are locked-in and loud as hell, as befits one of the modern greats. Opening this show are new Thrill Jockey signees Eye Flys—an angry, disgusting band who proudly worship at the altar of the Melvins and Unsane.   v