The 6Odum building doesn't look like much, but since the early 90s it's hosted live music, theater productions, rehearsal spaces, recording studios, and more. Credit: Google Maps

According to resident Josh Dumas, the 6Odum building at 2116 W. Chicago will soon be no more. An under-the-radar countercultural hub for more than 20 years, it’s housed performance and practice spaces as well as the Semaphore recording studio; Pieholden Suite Sound, which moved in circa 2010, left on November 1 and will reopen shortly in Logan Square. The building recently changed hands, and it appears likely to be demolished—the new owner hasn’t found new tenants. Before leaving for good, Dumas recorded an EP with his drony duo, Mending (with singer Kate Adams), that uses 6Odum’s ambient sounds, including ceiling fans and heating vents. At Odum’s End comes out on cassette Friday, November 11, via Mending’s Bandcamp.

Gossip Wolf has loved Logan Square record shop Saki since it opened in 2010, but sadly it closes December 1. Saki shares a building with Carrot Top Distribution, and Patrick Monaghan, who owns all three, says he decided in September to shutter CTD after 20 years—in a letter to labels and stores, he cited (among other things) tough industry conditions that drive labels to cut out distributors and sell directly to stores. “It hasn’t been fun for a while—we haven’t made money for a while,” he says. “Everyone works their butt off, and we haven’t been able to give anyone raises.” Saki and CTD once employed about 15 people, but by next week only four full-timers and three part-timers will be left. Saki is discounting all inventory and announcing its final in-stores.

Back in the 90s, Slink Moss and his band the Flying Aces tore up Chicago clubs with a hybrid of power pop and rockabilly. Moss moved away in 1997 and now lives in Hudson, New York, but he’ll reunite with the Aces for two rare sets at Phyllis’ Musical Inn on Saturday, November 12, with Reader transportation columnist John Greeenfield on bass and guests including Phyllis’ owner Clem Jaskot.   v

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