As the proprietors of the Lucky Kitchen label, Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman have released recordings by everyone from local bassist Josh Abrams to big-deal sound artist Stephen Vitiello. But the couple’s own releases are little marvels of packaging that blend music, audio verite, fiction, and visual art. The Tale of Pip (which just received the Award of Distinction in Europe’s prestigious Prix Ars Electronica cyberart competition) is a strange children’s story illuminated on disc by a wide variety of sound and music and presented in a bound book with beautiful printing and illustrations, while Salinas’s Home Tapes, built on home recordings she made at age nine, comes on ten-inch white vinyl with the liner notes hand-printed on a paper napkin. Their La Rioja–released last year in a cardboard envelope sporting a fabric strip with a village scene on it–is an impressionistic collage that evokes the Spanish province where Salinas was born and now lives with Detroit native Bergman; it combines field recordings of folk music, environmental sounds, and home recordings of residents they met in three years of regional travel. For the duo’s first Chicago performances, they’ll present a total of four multimedia pieces. Friday’s show will feature “Scotch Monsters,” a piece about monsters, elves, and fairies assembled from sound recordings and video shot around Scotland, and “Bousha and Juanita,” recordings of songs sung by Bergman’s grandmother and accompanied by “old family video of suburban midwestern knick-knacks.” Saturday’s program includes “Underwater Villages,” a sound and video piece about underwater towns both real and mythical in northern Spain, and a new piece called “Just This One Day,” made over four years. Friday and Saturday, May 24 and 25, 10 PM, 6Odum, 2116 W. Chicago; 312-666-0795 or 773-227-3617.