This week, we’re featuring a recent poster by Jay Ryan imploring you to support local restaurants that are still doing pickup or delivery. Ryan just released the 18th volume in his Mistakes Book series, an annual hand-bound collection of misprinted posters—this year’s is calledTime Moves When You Do.

The Reader is still accepting submissions of Fantasy Gig Posters to be featured in this column. Send us an original design or drawing!

To participate, please e-mail with your name, contact information, and your poster (you can attach a JPG or PNG file or provide a download link). We won’t be able to publish every submission, but we’ll feature as many as possible while the pandemic continues. Your submission can also include a nonprofit, fundraiser, or action campaign that you’d like to bring to the attention of our readers.

Not everybody can make a fantasy gig poster, of course, but anybody with a few bucks to spare can support the out-of-work staffers at Chicago’s music venues—here’s our list of fundraisers. And don’t forget record stores! The Reader has also published a list of local stores that will let you shop remotely.

ARTIST: Jay Ryan
TITLE: Order Thai Food