Kevin Drumm Credit: Peter Gumaskas

Since the 90s, Chicago-based musician Kevin Drumm has released countless experimental soundscapes that include oddball prepared guitar, minimal ambience, and earth-shaking drones; the first time I saw him perform was when he opened for Sunn O))) and Boris at Logan Square Auditorium in 2006, and his brief synth set tested the PA’s low end just as much as either of the famously loud headlining bands. But while Drumm constantly puts out new recordings, his live performances are few and far between—in fact, tonight will be his first local show since 2017. He’ll be collaborating with bicoastal experimental trombone duo Rage Thormbones, who cover as much sonic territory as Drumm by making their horns sound like dreamy hums or harsh, ear-piercing shrieks. This could be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to catch this meeting of the minds, and while the set could go in myriad musical directions, there’s no chance any of them will disappoint.   v