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His outre-pop band Pit Er Pat, now based in LA, just released a new album, The Flexible Entertainer, on Thrill Jockey in January. But Butchy Fuego has his drumsticks in lots of other pies. He’s playing drums with the legendary Japanese collective Boredoms in Mexico later this month and on a tour of Japan and Europe later this year. He also has a new sample-heavy cumbia project, Na Fuego. And he’s currently finishing work behind the board on the solo debut of Aska Matsumiya (Moonrats, the Sads). Her album is set to drop on Manimal Records in July; guests include Nick Zinner, Flea, and the ever-present Money Mark.

Heteronormative Booty Bass in the News: One-man dance party Chrissy Murderbot is recording an album he described to Gossip Wolf as “all about my love for the girlies.” Due in June, Women’s Studies features UK funky vocalist Rubi Dan and a myriad of local hip-hop and juke personalities, including DJ Gant-Man, DJ Spinn, and MC Zulu. Murderbot’s known for his unique mix of influences: hip-hop, dancehall, and shitty techno. For labels he’s weighing his options and may choose his own Sleazetone imprint.

Antiques Roadshow: When the new lineup of Public Image Ltd. that wowed UK audiences late last year finally crosses the pond in April, it’ll be for their first American shows in 18 years. Nary a trace remains of the original band save front man/butter salesman John Lydon. They’ll head to Coachella before a month of U.S. dates, including a May 2 stop at Chicago’s House of Blues. Tickets for the show here go on sale Friday, March 12, but if you ask us, PiL without Jah Wobble is like Harold Melvin without the Blue Notes.

Onetime Southern Records artists Ui are back together to play Spain’s indie-heavy Primavera Festival and have added Parts and Labor guitarist Dan Friel to the band on keys and guitar. Bassist Sasha Frere-Jones, now better known as the pop critic at the New Yorker, told Gossip Wolf: “Our gig is on the first day of the festival. If we’re terrible, we still have two days of goodness to soak up. Our last live show was 2000, so we are taking extra time to remember which bits repeat 11 times and which go for three.”

It didn’t take long for Jesus Lizard bassist David Wm. Sims to move on after last year’s tight ‘n’ shiny reunion shows. Sims noted on his blog that he’s been working on a solo project, unFact, which is set to play the Neon Marshmallow noise fest here in August. Also, the Jesus Lizard’s last chapter is not yet written: Akashic Books will publish a retrospective tome. Sims is calling for photos, memorabilia, and the like. Finally, a use for those gajillion shots of Yow doing the “skin wristwatch!”

With the reunions of suburban emo faves Cap’n Jazz and Gauge, could Sweater Weather be far behind?

The eternally reuniting Screeching Weasel were banned by the House of Blues venues in Orlando and Anaheim, both located on Disney-owned property, for “objectionable content.” Gossip Wolf wonders if by objectionable content they mean every album the band made after 1991’s My Brain Hurts.

Last week’s New City feature supposes—boldly, wistfully—that Urge Overkill‘s upcoming Cubby Bear show could invigorate the entire scene and return Chicago to being the center of the indie rock universe—a scenario as utterly fucking grim as it is unlikely. Surely Gossip Wolf is not alone in thinking that the only upside to another UO comeback attempt is the chance that it might summon back The Stalker?

Alex White, the shreddy half of bro-sis duo White Mystery, has just snagged an endorsement from Orange Amplifiers. White has created a large-scale window display at Reckless on Milwaukee, where the band’s scheduled to play a free in-store at 3 PM March 14 to celebrate their self-titled debut album, which drops March 20. A release party is scheduled for the same day at the Hideout; in between, the siblings are playing four seven SXSW gigs, including a Girls Rock Camp daytime party with sets by Exene Cervenka and viv albertine.

Kinsella Watch: Mike Kinsella of Owen turned 33 this week.