Andrea Pensado Credit: IntangibleArts

Having studied composition in Poland in the 1990s and written extensively for chamber groups, soloists, and orchestras, Argentine sound artist Andrea Pensado has moved over time toward a more intuitive, improvisational approach that dispenses with theoretical niceties. Based in the Boston area since 2002, Pensado has played in a number of loose-limbed projects, and her give-and-take impulses—harsh electronic bloops and high-frequency squalls mix with live instruments in a free-jazz manner—are evident in the trio Los Condenados, whose 2013 album Yeppers! delivers a wonderfully rude heap of spontaneous interplay. A couple years later she dropped the solo album Without Knowing Why, a slightly more hermetic experience that nonetheless claws violently at electronic-music orthodoxy, with Pensado’s growling, shrieking, and groaning vocals filling in the spaces where her sizzling, flailing live-wire analog synth noise momentarily ebbs. The music feels unhinged and dangerous, but that’s because Pensado has an impressive control of her tools—she can suggest recklessness while knowing exactly what she’s doing.   v