Ono, from left: Jordan Reyes, Ben Baker Billington, Dawei Wang, Connor Tomaka, P. Michael, and Travis Credit: Courtesy the artist

Since returning from decades of dormancy in 2007, Chicago art-rockers Ono have become one of the city’s most dependably far-out live acts—they’ve definitely curled Gossip Wolf’s ears a few times! On Saturday, August 25, Ono drops a live cassette on American Damage, the tape label run by synth player and backup vocalist Jordan Reyes. Your Future Is Metal was recorded at the Hideout in July, and Reyes says it features “a 15-minute version of ‘Albino,’ a meditation on suicide, black survival, and the color white in West African communities.”

Founded by Robby Haynes (who helps run Hermosa studio Strange Magic Recording) and Ziyad Asrar (formerly a touring keyboardist for Smith Westerns and a rhythm guitarist for Whitney), brand-new record label Fine Prints is making waves by doing a cannonball into the deep end of Chicago’s musical talent pool! On Sunday, August 26, it releases tapes from punky prog-rockers Mayor Daley, art-pop duo Wage, and minimal synth act Desert Liminal. That night, all three bands play the Empty Bottle at Fine Prints’ launch party. Haynes says the label already has “a couple of other releases queued up between now and the end of the year.” On top of that, Haynes and Asrar are partners in the spirits company Apologue. Keep up the good work, y’all!

This past May, inimitable Chicago rock label Eye Vybe released the self-titled debut EP by SPVD, a solo project by guitarist-vocalist Joshua S. Condon of garage misfits Glyders. The eerie, skeletal EP sounds like Condon boiled everything out of a bunch of gnarly psychedelic jams except heavily processed, subterranean-sounding vocals, hazy synths, refracted guitar residue, and simple, hypnotic drum-machine rhythms. On Tuesday, August 28, SPVD headlines the Hideout. You can also catch Condon with Glyders at the Logan Square Food Truck Social on Friday—they play the main stage at 7:15 PM.  v

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