TC Superstar Credit: Jesus Acosta

Synth-driven Austin indie-pop group TC Superstar count eight people in their ranks, four of them dancers—and the dancers’ steps are just as important as the musicians’ notes. “The dancers are not ‘backup dancers,’” synth player and vocalist Aaron Chavez told The Daily Texan in April. “Dancing and the music are one thing.” TC Superstar’s lively performances and accessible choreographed routines (the latter by LB Flett) have attracted a cult following in their hometown, even catching the eye of Beto O’Rourke’s congressional team—it booked the group for an August 2018 outreach event and party called “Back to School with Beto.” From the outside, it’s hard to tell how or whether the dancers shaped the music on the group’s third album, the new R&D (Porchfire), but the gentle, straightforward melodies and clean, simple rhythms work together to encourage you to move your body. The only wrong dance steps, the music seems to suggest, are the ones not taken.   v