Temple of Angels Credit: Alexis Gross

Austin quintet Temple of Angels have been flying low under the radar since they dropped their self-titled debut EP in 2017, but they’ve cut their way out of the undergrowth of a dark postpunk forest to build a following through touring and judicious festival bookings, including SXSW and Austin Terror Fest. Last year’s full-length Foiled (released on cassette and digitally) shows the young band finding their footing and developing an organic, jagged-but-ethereal sound. Vocalist Bre Morell is a natural fit for the group, with a soaring style that shores up the classic 4AD aesthetic with soulful, metallic power; her bandmates weave a lush, rhythmic nest around her voice that’s forceful and full of mystery. On tracks such as “Silver Water,” she rolls out an impish, Siouxsie-like deadpan croon before breaking wide open into a passionate, aching eruption. Temple of Angels just released the seven-inch “Cerise Dream” b/w “Breathless” (which sold out pretty quickly on preorder), a romantic, stormy confection with lovely clatter and swoop. Check out the band now, while you still have time to get in on the ground floor of the beautiful mausoleum they’re building.   v