The Well Credit: Andy Ray Lemon

This Austin trio unleashed its second full-length, Pagan Science (RidingEasy Records), last fall to accolades from aficionados of heavy stoner-doom: it’s a solid 40 minutes of slightly hooky riffing with a vintage texture that pulls listeners away from the bongwater-scented pillows in their old custom vans and up toward the stars. Fans of sinister occult rock should warm right up to “Black Eyed Gods” and “Drug From the Banks,” as well as to the monkish incantatory chants that open up “Byzantine.” Lovers of eerie atmosphere should enjoy the witchy vocals bassist Lisa Alley lends to “Pilgrimage,” and appreciators of unexpected cover choices will get a treat at the end of the record with the take on Crosby, Stills & Nash’s “Guinnevere” (they do a splendid job leadfooting the track’s pagan sensibility). The Well aren’t breaking new ground, but that’s hardly what we ask of them.   v