Avantist Credit: Carolina Sanchez

When I caught local four-piece Avantist at Ian’s Party in January, front man Fernando Arias smoothly inserted some lines from Frank Ocean’s “Nights” into a cyclonic, humid jam. While I recognized that the lyrics belonged to someone else, Fernando belted them out with such conviction and folded the words into the swirling music so naturally, I might have assumed he dreamed them up himself. The experimental quartet, who blend furious punk with exacting prog rock, are such a force that when you see them play it feels as if no other band can deliver music quite like them. Onstage Avantist have a commanding, endearing presence, and in their lockstep performances the musicians can (and do) rip through their songs with whiplash-inducing speed. Tonight, the band of brothers—Fernando, bassist Erick, guitarist David, and percussionist Luis Arias—celebrates the release of their self-titled debut album on No Trend. Juggling sawtooth punk ragers (“Veneno”), simmering postrock-inflected soundscapes (“Medi-Demi”), and knockout should-be singles flush with pop hooks (“Ramses”), the record captures the might of their live presence as well as their wide range as songwriters.   v