Local punk rockers Aweful captured my attention this year with a classic punk sound that brings an appropriately seedy (and delightfully creepy) atmosphere to their shows. Buoyed by the reception they got with August’s single “Me Me Me,” which I mentioned in my Aweful concert preview in July, they’ve created a music video for their new song “I Never Knew.”

Aweful screened a rough cut of the video for fans at their November 30 concert at the Hideout. Directed by John Weaver, it’s a fun supernatural extravaganza that mashes up Creature From the Black Lagoon and zombie flicks. Scenes were filmed in Lake Michigan near Porter, Indiana, as well as at Liar’s Club, a classic hangout for Chicago punks. Several Liar’s Club regulars make joyful appearances in the concert scenes.

Get Up With the Get Downs, Aweful, Pylons

Thu 12/19, 8:30 PM, Empty Bottle, 1035 N. Western, $8, $5 in advance, 21+

The band are premiering the “I Never Knew” video with the Reader in anticipation of their next show, opening for the Get Up With the Get Downs at the Empty Bottle on Thursday, December 19. It captures the spirit of guitarist-singer Traci Trouble and her bandmates (drummer Izzy Price and guitarist Lucy Dekay) as they push through a confusing world of night creatures and get back onstage despite being hassled by Shotzi the Sea Witch.  v