Us & Us Only Credit: Noorann Matties

On July’s Full Flower (Topshelf), Baltimore’s Us & Us Only play indie rock reminiscent of the brackish waters that split the eastern part of the state of Maryland, the Chesapeake Bay. The genre is open to mixing many different things; Us & Us Only’s version is multilayered, charmingly timid and tender to the touch. The group allows their music to breathe and give it room to stealthily borrow ideas from other genres, such as the pondering melodies of slowcore, the minimal plaintiveness of folk, and the bare verses and walloping choruses of emo. Full Flower occasionally veers from one genre to the next, be it the reedy acoustic folk of “Shame” or the intimate emo of “Kno,” which is anchored by thick guitars reminiscent of early Pedro the Lion tracks. But no matter what influences Full Flower may recall, Us & Us Only manage to leave a footprint in the increasingly muddy landscape of indie rock. The euphoria encoded into the chorus for “Lawn” is another addition to the genre’s long list of great moments, and the result so catchy it’s liable to root itself in your memories and burst forth when you least expect it.   v