On Friday, Bandcamp will pass along its usual cut of sales to artists and labels for a 24-hour period—the ninth time it’s done so since March, when COVID-19 destroyed live music. This “Bandcamp Friday” follows Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Giving Tuesday, all of them highly publicized drives to get people to part with their money.

That kind of push can feel fraught in the face of a pandemic that has killed more than a quarter million Americans, shuttered entire industries, and left millions on the brink of destitution, even when we’re talking about donations to unambiguously good causes. And it’s pretty inexcusable to pressure anybody to buy a cheap TV from a company whose profits will jack up the already obscene fortune of a billionaire who’s become the planet’s richest person on the backs of underpaid and overtaxed workers.

One thing I appreciate about Bandcamp Friday is that it encourages listeners to think about how or if their money gets to the musicians whose work they love. (Bandcamp normally takes 10 or 15 percent off the top, and for artists relying on the platform to replace lost touring income, even that can sting.) So every time Bandcamp has waived its cut, I’ve taken the time to compile a list of music the Reader has covered that’s available through the site.

Below are links to every such album and EP we’ve written about since the previous Bandcamp Friday. If for some reason the dozens of releases below aren’t enough, I recommend going through our roundups from March, May, June, July, August, September, October, and November. Music is a gift at any time of year, and I hope you find some that brings you joy this season.

79rs Gang, Expect the Unexpected

Susan Alcorn Quintet, Pedernal

Pugs Atomz, Boom Bap on Michigan Ave.

Avenue Zero, Act and Suffer

William Basinski, Lamentations

Beabadoobee, Fake It Flowers

Bless the Mad, Bless the Mad

Blk Mgc (aka A. Billi Free & Uncle El), Blk Mgc Symbl

Cabaret Voltaire, Shadow of Fear

Shannon Candy, So Long

Cell Phones, Battery Lower

Cleared, The Key

Chris Crack, Washed Rappers Ain’t Legends

Cursetheknife, Thank You for Being Here Pt. I

Daoui, Message From the Daoui

Dark Buddha Rising, Mathreyata

Dos Santos, Logos

ESSO, Xicago

G.I. Bill, Demo 2020

A Grape Dope, Backyard Blenders: The Remixes

Half Gringa, Force to Reckon

Hieroglyphic Being, 4 the Ones Who Know

Ìfé, The Living Dead

Ilsa, Preyer

Ian Iversen, Break

Yves Jarvis, Sundry Rock Song Stock

Jesu, Terminus

Jucifer, نظم

Judson Claiborne, When a Man Loves an Omen

Shira Legmann, Giacinto Scelsi

James Brandon Lewis Quartet, Molecular

Macabre, Carnival of Killers

Rob Mazurek Exploding Star Orchestra, Dimensional Stardust

Makaya McCraven, Highly Rare

Merzbow, Screaming Dove

Molchat Doma, Monument

Nothing, The Great Dismal

Oui Ennui, (Nos)+Algebra

The Ovens, Distance

Jeff Parker, Suite for Max Brown

Jordan Reyes, Sand Like Stardust

Rhybadi, Saccadic

Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou, May Our Chambers Be Full

The Scissor Girls, The Scissor Girls

Season of Life, Radiant Play

ShowYouSuck, Comfy, Cozy, Cardigan, Cutie

Si Dios Quiere, A Hell Like No Other

Luke Titus, Plasma

Various artists, Joyous Sounds!

Various artists, Preliminaries of Silence

Vetus Supulcrum, Windswept Canyons of Thule

Wrong War, Fixed Against Forever

Izzy Yellen, Until Nothing Fills the Room and I Can Rest Easy

Your Arms Are My Cocoon, Your Arms Are My Cocoon  v