Bandcamp’s daylong inducement to music-shopping sprees, rebooted yet again last month, returns for its latest iteration on September 3. On the first Friday of the month for the rest of the year, the online music store will pass along its usual cut of sales to independent musicians and labels—a practice it began almost a year and a half ago, when the pandemic suddenly eliminated gig revenue. Bandcamp Fridays took a hiatus in June and July of this year but started up again in August, just as the Delta-variant surge put musicians back in a bind. With so many U.S. states forgoing public-health measures that could mitigate the risk of infection, touring has become a minefield. Last month COVID-19 claimed the life of local doom-metal pioneer Eric Wagner, who was unvaccinated and caught the virus while on the road with his band the Skull.

As I’ve generally done for Bandcamp Fridays, I’ve gathered links to recent Reader coverage of music you can buy through the site. My post for August has links to all 14 previous Bandcamp Friday roundups, in case you’re looking for even more Reader recommendations. I hope you use this as a guide, but don’t stop here—there’s a wealth of amazing stuff on Bandcamp, and I browse it at least a few times a week to find music new to me. Because Bandcamp Friday is explicitly intended to benefit musicians struggling with economic precarity, I’d also recommend supporting artists and labels dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ida; the New Orleans tag is a good place to begin. 

Air Credits, Believe That You’re Here

Annihilus, Follow a Song From the Sky

The Austerity Program, Bible Songs 1

Blackfinger, When Colors Fade Away

Blue Lick, Hold On, Hold Fast

Bnny, Everything

Geof Bradfield/Ben Goldberg/Dana Hall Trio, General Semantics

Daphni, “Yes, I Know”

Lorna Donley & the Veil, Time Stands Still

Fotocrime, Heart of Crime

Ganser, Just Look at That Sky

Jackie Hayes, There’s Always Going to Be Something

Hugh Hart, Dog Park

Andrew Krull, It All Goes

The Lipschitz, Chevron 

Damon Locks’s Black Monument Ensemble, Now

Mexican Institute of Sound, Distrito Federal

Modern English, After the Snow

Nu-Jaunt, Life Is a Trip

Orisun, This Is Orisun

Oui Ennui, Sirius Bismuth and Eros Largesse

Hannah Sandoz, To Love and Loss!

SamIam the MC & Coolout Chris, Remote Control

Shannon & the Clams, Year of the Spider

Shed, Shed

Matthew Shipp, The Piano Equation 

The Skull, The Endless Road Turns Dark

Sleater-Kinney, Path of Wellness 

Stuck, Content That Makes You Feel Good

Tobacco City, Tobacco City, USA

Trouble, Psalm 9, The Skull, Trouble, and Manic Frustration