If you’re a fan of an independent musician who’s been trying to cobble together a living without touring or gig income, or if you’re just generally concerned with artists’ well-being during the pandemic, you probably already know about Bandcamp Fridays. But just in case, here are the basics: on the first Friday of most months since last March, digital music retailer Bandcamp has been passing along its usual cut of sales to artists and labels. By incentivizing fans to spend during these 24-hour periods, Bandcamp hopes to provide musicians some financial relief until the pandemic eases its grip. During the nine Bandcamp Fridays in 2020, sales on the site totaled $40 million.

The Reader has made a habit of rounding up all the music available via Bandcamp that’s appeared in the paper’s coverage since the previous Bandcamp Friday. I hope you not only give these releases your ear but also read what our contributors wrote about them. And if you want more, I highly recommend checking out our Bandcamp roundups from March, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December, and February. Happy listening!

Alkilith, The Shores of Evermeet

Azita, Glen Echo

Beach Bunny, Blame Game

Black Country, New Road, For the First Time

The Body, I’ve Seen All I Need to See

John Carpenter, Lost Themes III: Alive After Death

Casper McFadden, Stasis (Log)

Chris Crack, Might Delete Later

Casper Clausen, Better Way

Coffins, Defilements

Alex Cowling, Antarctica

Diagonal, Diagonal

Hospital Bracelet, South Loop Summer and Neutrality Acoustic

Harry James, Buy the Numbers

Dale Jenkins, Undesirable Element

KeiyaA, Forever, Ya Girl

Mechina, Siege

Roscoe Mitchell & Mike Reed, The Ritual and the Dance

Mogwai, As the Love Continues

Mukqs, My Most Personal Album to Date

Nervosa, Perpetual Chaos

The Notwist, Vertigo Days

Oux, Honeymood

Hali Palombo, Cylinder Loops

Rats on Rafts, Excerpts From Chapter 3: The Mind Runs a Net of Rabbit Paths

Saint Ripley, God Complex

Archie Shepp & Jason Moran, Let My People Go

Sleaford Mods, Spare Ribs

Sol Patches, Vivid Image

Sueves, Tears of Joy

Aki Takase, Christian Weber, and Michael Griener, Auge

The Underflow, Instant Opaque Evening

USA/Mexico, Del Rio

Various artists, Warm Violet: A Compilation for Chicago Community Jail Support

Waltzer, Time Traveler

Layton Wu, Summertime Mixtape  v