I still can’t do anything but guess about the long-term significance of last month’s news that Bandcamp has been acquired by Epic Games. Or maybe I should say “worry,” not “guess.” I cherish Bandcamp because it caters to artists who have little to no interest in the mainstream music business, and I don’t want that to stop. The monthly Bandcamp Friday promotions, when the platform passes along its usual share of revenue to COVID-pinched sellers, have further convinced me that this tech company isn’t (or wasn’t) an ordinary tech company. I suppose I’m not just worried about what changes may follow from the Epic deal—I’m also disappointed because a company I long admired for cutting against the grain did something as cliched as sell out to a bigger fish. 

So far little has visibly changed in Bandcamp’s daily operations, aside from some minor changes to its terms of use. And Bandcamp Fridays are still going strong: the 21st installment arrives Friday, April 1. As always, I’ve rounded up recent Reader pieces that highlight music you can buy on Bandcamp (February’s roundup includes links back to all the previous lists too). 

I like putting these posts together, because each one gives me another opportunity to admire the impressive volume of writing the Reader’s music section publishes. This list only links back to coverage of music that’s available on Bandcamp, though, and as a result some of our great stories don’t get included—so I’m also taking this opportunity to ask you to read Jake Austen’s touching homage to Dancin’ Man.

In my work I tend to develop tunnel vision, since I need to focus so intently on the music I cover. These lists also help broaden my horizons, and I hope they do the same for yours. Click the title of a release below to visit the related Reader coverage.

Absent in Body, Plague God

CalicoLoco, “The Bad Hair Day”

Casper McFadden, Medicalmechanica

Concave Reflection, The Best People Are Like Water

Drama, Don’t Wait Up

Duma, Duma and “Cannis” b/w “Mbukinya”

Ensemble dal Niente, Object/Animal

Freakons, Freakons

Friko, Whenever Forever

Heavee, Audio Assault

Hemlock, Talk Soon

Hlday Magik, Music 4 Ur Ears

Lia Kohl, Too Small to Be a Plain

Lavender Country, Blackberry Rose and Other Songs & Sorrows

Otherpeace, Capitalism Blues

Shane Parish, Liverpool and Viscera Eternae

Raja Kirik, Rampokan

Singleman Affair, 4PM Sunlight

Swearwords, Solar Vortex

Toloro, Channel Zero: Forgotten Media

Uma Bloo, Don’t Drive Into the Smoke

Various artists, The VCR VHS

Without Waves, Comedian

Nilüfer Yanya, Painless

Yesterdayneverhappened, Twilight Princess

Young Guv, Guv III