Matthew Golombisky Credit: Matthew Golombisky

Peripatetic bassist Matthew Golombisky didn’t stay long in Chicago, where he moved from New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina; after a few years he left for Oakland, and he now lives in Buenos Aires. Still, he’s deeply connected to Chicago’s improvised music community through Ears & Eyes Records, the label he started here, which has become a vibrant outlet for local artists, including Charles Rumback, Nate Lepine, and Twin Talk. Golombisky remains a musician too, of course, and this week he returns to Chicago to support Cuentos, his own new release on the label. To create the album, the bassist gathered two different sessions of colleagues, one in the Bay Area (reedist Aram Shelton, vibist Mark Clifford, and cellist Crystal Pascucci) and one in Chicago (trumpeter James Davis, guitarist Bill Mac­Kay, and fellow bassist Jeff Greene), to interpret a series of numbered pieces he calls cuentos—“stories” in Spanish. While all the pieces are tender and marked by a warm melodic sensibility, the most interesting performances—which tend to be by the Chicago-based group—take an elliptical approach, leaving out information here and there, and complementing the tunefulness with an appealing tension. For the Chicago concert Golombisky has assembled a terrific group of musicians (most of whom have recorded for Ears & Eyes) in a more conventional jazz-band configuration: trumpeter Davis, drummer Quin Kirchner, reedist Dustin Laurenzi, and trombonist Naomi Siegel.   v