Charlotte De Witte Credit: Marie Wynants

Hailing from Ghent, Belgium, Charlotte de Witte began DJing in 2010 under the moniker Raving George—she felt she’d have more of a chance landing gigs using a typically masculine name rather than her own. But as de Witte became a force on the European techno scene, she dropped the pretense. “I didn’t feel the need to hide behind a male alter ego anymore,” she told the online magazine XLR8R in February. “This is who I am; I am a woman, playing and producing music, and I’m bloody well proud of it, too.” She may have done away with the stage name, but she hasn’t changed course in her musical work; over the past couple years she’s continued to explore the darker corners of techno. The two EPs she’s dropped this year, Heart of Mine (Suara) and the exceptional The Healer (NovaMute), seem to have burbled forth from creepy, mysterious subterranean enclaves; the Autobahn rush of The Healer’s title track blossoms every time de Witte introduces a shard of crackling drums or festering, hushed synth.   v