The Reader’s Choice: Stella’s Sports Bar

The jukebox at Stella’s doesn’t get more of my dollar bills than any other just because it’s located in my favorite little boozing spot in the city, although that probably helps. But years’ worth of suggestions from the bar’s eclectic cast of regulars have yielded a machine stocked with dozens of albums that any well-rounded record collection should contain. On a given visit you’re likely to hear Run-DMC, Marty Robbins, Slayer, and Fugazi in close proximity, along with a grip of tracks from essential classic rock albums. More adventurous types can dig into the juke’s assortment of Polish pop and rock, which occasionally turns up some psyched-out garage-rock scorcher from a band whose name I can’t even begin to pronounce.  935 N. Western, 773-384-0077. —Miles Raymer

&Our readers’ choice: High Dive

 938 W. Chicago, 773-235-3483.