The paint has barely dried on the joint LP local guitarists Ryley Walker and Bill Mac­Kay put out in August, but on Friday, October 16, Mac­Kay’s folky art-rock quartet Darts & Arrows releases the full-length Altamira on Bandcamp (and as a small-run CD). In 2010, the Reader‘s Peter Margasak wrote that “the group’s abundantly inventive music flows . . . with a delicate rhythmic touch,” and the gentle melodies of the new album’s “Evergreen” call to mind verdant, rolling hills. Altamira features guest turns from saxophonist Nick Mazzarella and AACM violist Renee Baker.

Many head shrinkers think that learning how to poop in the right place (aka potty training) plays a role in forming human personality, including concepts of shame and pride. Local indie-rock band Bullyhuff has recorded five songs that follow the “life cycle” of a meal from consumption to excretion—let’s hope they’re proud of themselves! Last week, the band posted The Beef Suite EP on Bandcamp, and this wolf digs the tossed-off riffs and punky Meat Puppets attitude of “I Called About the Pizza Puff,” “Shit Ghost,” and “If I Can’t See You, I Can’t Smell You” (just don’t listen too closely to the lyrics).

The Numero Group’s Jonathan Kirby has been DJing at the Owl for a minute, and at his monthly Jam Machine night in September, he gave away copies of White Denim, a two-volume cassette mix he describes as “Yacht Rock, Pontoon Rock, Dune Boogie, Bar ‘n B, Honky Talk, Suburban Laments, and other forms of Caucasian Expression.” The rest of his copies are free for the asking at the Jam Machine on Friday, October 16. The tunes start at 10 PM, and Señor Eddy of the Sonorama DJ collective will help keep them going till the wee hours.  v

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