King Diamond Credit: Michael Johansson

The whole “classic records being performed front to back” thing has been all the rage for the better part of a decade now, and the demonic rock operas of Danish black-metal pioneer King Diamond couldn’t be better suited for that treatment. Abigail, from 1987, was Diamond’s second solo record after his split from Mercyful Fate, and tells the long and complicated tale of a Victorian couple who move into a haunted mansion, where they are harassed and possessed by the spirit of the titular Abigail, a baby stillborn in the 1700s. A bunch of really bleak, really fun stuff follows—the arrival of seven horsemen, murder, and implied cannibalism. All run-of-the-mill subject matter for the card-carrying Satanist, who acts out the story’s characters with a range of voices: animalistic growls, ghoulish wails, and operatic falsettos. King Diamond’s stage shows are always over-the-top affairs, so this massive metal masterpiece will without a doubt get a huge, theatrical production. Thrash metal legends Exodus open.

Fri 11/27, 8 PM, Aragon Ballroom, $39.50. 17+