Feral Light Credit: Mark Lundberg

Feral Light began life as an aggressive crusty blackened hardcore act with harrowing stories to tell of war and cruelty—on thire 2015 self-titled demo, the Minneapolis-based band threw down a bloodstained gauntlet. But starting with their 2016 EP A Sound of Moving Shadows, they started to expand and stretch out aurally and thematically, and by the time of last year’s Void/Sanctify, the group had developed a more mystical, philosophical, and abstract bent. Though various members have passed through Feral Lights’ ranks over the years, the core of the band remains the duo of drummer Andrew Reesen and guitarist, bassist, and vocalist Andy Schoengrund (who formerly played with Wolvhammer, Empires, and Halcyon, among others). They’re touring as a two piece, and at tonight’s show fans can buy the CD version of the forthcoming, Fear Rides a Shadow, who’s vinyl edition drops in February.   v