Body/Head Credit: Courtesy of the artist

Kim Gordon always struck me as the Sonic Youth member most rooted in a primal punk foundation. Her no-frills bass lines anchored the chaos surrounding them, and the songs she sang lead on always packed a streamlined gut punch. That makes it all the more interesting that in our post-Sonic Youth landscape, she’s the only member who’s really letting her freak flag fly. While Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo continue to release Sonic Youth-lite indie-rock records with various projects, Gordon’s been going strong with Body/Head, her guitar duo with experimental musician Bill Nace. The group’s second full-length studio album for Matador, July’s The Switch, perfectly captures the classic Sonic Youth spirit, with layers of beautiful guitar squall and Gordon’s confrontational spoken-word vocals. The music bounces between grim noise and shimmering soundscape, sending out pulses of danger and joy—and easily making The Switch the best release from any Sonic Youth member post-breakup yet.   v