Bonelang Credit: courtesy the artist

Shortly after Bonelang dropped Pleasure Palace, an April 2015 EP that levitates as its vocal harmonies recall the effervescence of the Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds and the rapid-fire elasticity of Aesop Rock’s Bazooka Tooth, MC Samy.Language told hip-hop site One Throne that the Chicago rap duo’s sound had gelled just “in the last couple months.” Pleasure Palace sounds like it was made by musicians who know each other as well as they know themselves, and it helps that Samy and his bandmate, Matt Bones, spent about six years together playing indie rock before launching Bonelang. Sidewinding melodies and dark passages that embrace both the outsider streak of late-aughts indie rock and the euphoria of that era’s pop manifest themselves on the new self-released EP Venn Diagrams (Pt. 1). On the single “Mushroom Moon” Samy and Matt growl and swoon over rollicking, ever-changing instrumentals that move from amber organs to intergalactic blues riffs to somber splashes meted out in muffled drum loops. Bonelang celebrate the release of Venn Diagrams (Pt. 1) tonight as part of Harmonica Dunn’s three-night, multivenue affair Dunn Dunn Fest.   v