Pill Credit: Chris Maggio

If any band is set to fill the massive, sleazy New York no-wave void left by Sonic Youth after they imploded in 2011, it’s Pill. On their 2016 debut full-length, Convenience, the four-piece made it clear that when it comes to making arty noise-rock with a heavy dose of Brooklyn cool, they’re a hard crew to top. But with last year’s Aggressive Advertising EP (out of Dull Tools, the label run by Andrew Savage of Parquet Courts), they also proved that they’re capable of producing a masterpiece. Over the all-too-brief record’s seven songs, Pill lay down tracks that never stay in one place for too long, brilliantly shifting between blistering punk, creepy controlled hush, explosive saxophone skronk, and frantic, reckless synth. And they never skip a chance to make their manic chaos catchy or mind-blowing. Pill’s latest release is the seven-inch they put out last month as part of the Live at Third Man Records series. The recording captures them in their element, with unreal performances of the Aggressive Advertising track “Afraid of the Mirror” on the A side and “TV Wedding,” off their first self-titled EP, on the B.   v