Bruges Credit: Martin Sorrondeguy

When you take members of unhinged noise-rockers Den, crusty grinders Moral Void, and doomy hardcore outfit Angry Gods and put them together in a band practice room, you can be sure of a couple of things about any music they’ll produce: it’s gonna be intense, and it’s gonna be fuckin’ loud. And that’s exactly what’s happened in Bruges, a local four-piece consisting of bassist Matt Russell, vocalist Pat Nordyke, drummer Nate Kappes, and guitarist Dylan Piskula. In 2016, the group released a five-song demo of sludgy pigfuck noise-rock layered with distorted bass and ear-piercing guitar feedback, but on their brand-new singles “Through a Muted Lens” and “Atop a Precipice,” the group really show what they’re made of. Engineered by Piskula and Russell, the tracks are grim, achingly slow exercises in amplifier worship, alternating between all-out Unsane-flavored noise fury and minimal, tortured throbs. Later this month, the band will hit the studio to begin work on a new full-length, and if their recent output is any indication, you should be very scared for your eardrums. And speaking of your eardrums, earplugs are absolutely mandatory for tonight’s show. Local thrashers Oozing Wound headline, and two more groups of deranged wall-of-sound noise-rockers join Bruges to open—Chicago four-piece Rectal Hygienics and New York outfit Conduit.   v