Dancers on one of the previous 999 episodes of Chic-a-Go-Go

Gossip Wolf would like to congratulate our longtime pals (including frequent Reader contributor Jake Austen) at cable-­access all-ages dance show Chic-a-Go-Go for reaching a major milestone. On Sun 1/18, Miss Mia, Ratso, and the gang will tape their 1,000th episode at the Promontory in Hyde Park! Admission is $5 for adults, free for kids. The Promontory will add nonalcoholic kiddie cocktails to its bar menu for the occasion, and Miss Mia says folks who come out should expect “free commemorative mementos and amazing surprise guests.”

Not-So-Secret-Show Alert: A few weeks ago, Parliament Tapes announced that on Thu 1/15 at the Owl it would host a DJ set by electro-punk supremo Magas to celebrate the cassette release of a live set that Michigan-based noise mongers Wolf Eyes recorded there in September 2013. The folks at Parliament now tell us that Wolf Eyes will perform too! A band playing their own release show . . . who’d have thunk it? Also on the bill are the mysterious Crucial Taunt—this wolf is pretty sure they’re from Chicago, not from Wayne’s World, and that they’re leaking from a septic injury.

Late last year Quicksails main man and drummer extraordinaire Ben Billington posted a Facebook photo of a keyboardist who looked an awful lot like Al Jourgensen of Ministry, with a caption that said he was “rockin’ some overdubs for the new Ono album.” Robert Manis of Moniker Records confirms that the photo is authentic, and that Jourgensen will appear on Ono’s forthcoming Spooks. Until it comes out, we’ll just have to wonder what kind of out-of-this-world madness will appear on that record.

As a fan of video-mashup collective Everything Is Terrible!, Gossip Wolf is embarrassed to have somehow missed the group’s late-2014 audio-only cassette, Greatest Hits. Fortunately, copies are still available, so if you’re a fan of bizarro novelty songs about eating veggies, pick one up pronto!

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